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Associate in Business Administration-Visual Communication
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Accounting and Financial Management
Associate Degree in Accounting Technology
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management
Bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (foreign language)
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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University of Phoenix  

With a foundation laid in 1976, University of Phoenix has turned itself into the largest accredited and popular university and a name recognized for its services and achievements. Apart from the well-known campuses spread all over the United States, University of Phoenix also has well-respected and valuable online education programs. University of Phoenix is a leader with a revolutionary effort in building of the higher academic level by promoting the online education program.

University of Phoenix truly believes that apart from the regular student there is also a population of those who can not find time or resources for full time classes but would love to earn and enhance their skills. At University of Phoenix the faculty and staff recognize this and thus have the most spectacular online degree program for such students. What makes the online program of University of Phoenix so unique, apart from the accreditation is the environment and facilities available. This online program of University of Phoenix focuses on the interaction and communication between students and the faculty. To make it a successful attempt of teaching, continuous feed back, online discussions, teamwork and regular tests and assessments are done. 

Apart from the accreditation, the University of Phoenix has also achieved national credit for its fine distance learning, online education and excellence performance. With the support of online degree program of University of phoenix you can be 100% sure of larger career prospects, new job offers and faster promotion. Earning a degree is now no more a hassle and dream for adult students, who are working and want more skills and knowledge regarding their area of expertise. 

With more than 128 campuses all over the United States and more than 180,000 every year, University of Phoenix has the widest and personalized approach of teaching. Out of the many courses offered at the online degree programs of this university, few are given below: 

  • IT
  • Health Care Management
  • Nursing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Information and Technology Management
  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Counseling
  • Organizational Management

Because of these varieties of online bachelors, masters and associates degree and their outstanding benefits, every year large number of working students choose University of Phoenix instead of any other accredited college or university, for earning their degree and building better future opportunities. 

Somewhere in 1970s, when world was gearing up and heading towards the acceptance of trends and inclination towards computer, Dr.John Sperling felt the need to combine the academic power and rise of technological conceptions. In 1976, Dr.John Sperling, professor turned entrepreneur, laid the foundation of University of Phoenix. For him, this university was an effort to serve and make changes in society and adding the contemporary touch in education system to match the needs of people. With the commencement of the classes in 1977, while the university got accreditation in year 1978 and in 1981 the first batch of graduates were out. In 1989 the online campus was founded and in year 1991 saw its first batch of online graduates, making all these years a milestone.

With the highly qualified and experienced faculty, convenient online degree programs and an excellence in commitment and reputation, University of Phoenix makes education fun and no more just a dream.

University Degrees

BS in Business Administration-Accounting
Bachelor Degree in Business
Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration - Finance
Bachelor in Human Resource Management
BBA in Marketing
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration - Project Management
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration - Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Computers and I.T
Master of Science in Technology Management

Associate Degree in Accounting Technology

Doctorate Programs
Doctor of Business Administration

MBA in Management
MBA in Accounting
MBA in Finance
MBA in Health Care Management
MBA in Human Resource Management
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Project Management