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University Offering MA in Forensic Psychology
Argosy University
Argosy University offers doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degree programs to students through its five colleges: Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Education, Business, Health Sciences, and Undergraduate Studies, as well as certificate programs in many areas. More
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Prepare for a career in psychology or the behavioral sciences at The Chicago School. More
Walden University
Earn a respected bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. online at Walden University. More
MA in Forensic Psychology

Master`s degree in Forensic Psychology is based on psychological research in legal situations and requires two years of study. This degree prepares students for work as forensic psychologists with legal, government and correctional agencies. This online psychology degree program can prepare students to apply clinical, counseling and neuropsychology skills within the criminal justice and civil legal systems.

Benefits of MA in Forensic Psychology

With master`s degree in forensic psychology, students will be aware of the issues, skills and techniques required to become a highly competent psychology professional or to apply psychological principles in their careers. A Student with a master`s degree in forensic psychology can gain licensure to practice as a mental health counselor.

Job Prospects

Job opportunities with legal authorities, advocates and the courts will be among the most plentiful for forensic psychologists. Interest and experience in developing laws and formulating new ways to work with juvenile offenders will also increase the job prospects for forensic psychologists.

Career Opportunities

With a master`s degree in forensic psychology, students can become forensic psychologists with legal systems, judicial courts, correctional and government agencies and family counseling organizations. Many psychologists also pursue part-time teaching positions with high schools, colleges and universities.

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