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University Offering Associate of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects
Associate of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects
With the rising users for realistic animations in TV, movies, and videos, the development of excellent animation and visual effects has a vital role in developing popular amusement. Associate of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects degree offers the most advanced possibilities for demonstrating the most stimulating skill jobs in the multimedia field. With this degree, students will study about the distinctive effects that are worked in TV, movies, and entertainment industry to envision scenes that can never be accomplished by customary methods.

Associate of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects degree provides students a strong base in the creative and design fundamentals and offers the chance to create basic skills in the inventive technology. In this degree, students can study about how to get characters to life via artistic capabilities, make their individual animation reel, and develop their individual style. This degree takes 2 years for completion. An Associate degree can also educate the graduate to become a freelance graphic artist or animation artist. 
Admission Requirements
To get admission in Associate of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects, students should have a high school diploma. However, ACT or SAT scores are not all the time necessitated. Students will probably be essential to prove their skills and art with a major project. Students might also finish works that are meant to be in their portfolio.
Benefits of Associate of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects
The benefits of pursuing an Associated of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects degree are - 
  • This degree can offer sufficient skills to students to do a job as an animation or visual effects assistant.
  • After completing this degree, students can submit an application for 3D animation as Visual Effects expert and animator.
  • Numbers of universities/colleges offer internships as a part of this degree. So capitalizing of an internship will give students a worthful job experience.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities
With an Associate of Arts in Animation and Visual Effects degree, students can get entry-level animation roles in creative art agencies, ad agencies, design firms, and associated animation firms. Numerous animators also serve as freelance multimedia artists, doing work on an individual basis. Numbers of other career options include - 
  • Animation Specialist
  • Graphic Illustrator
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • 3D Modeler
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Compositor
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